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Your Husband Will Never Understand…

Here’s what I know about husbands…and don’t get me wrong I love my husband, but they will never understand.

They will NEVER understand the struggle women go through…ever. They have no idea what it feels like to so desperately want to understand what’s going on with our bodies.

They will never understand what it’s like to do all the right things and still not lose any weight.

They just don’t know what it feels like to wake up every morning and struggle to get into clothes that are too tight, that don’t make you feel good.

They will never know what its like to be in a body that feels like its constantly changing hormonally and never really understand what’s going on or what to do about it.

They will never understand being told that the symptoms we experience like low energy, fatigue, weight gain, belly fat, low libido, cramps, brain fog, etc. are all said to be “normal” and something we just have to suffer through.

They will never feel nor understand the struggle and disappointment women deal with when it comes to our bodies.

So when you tell me your husband isn’t on board with you investing in a program to help you with all of these things. To help you regain you. To help you feel like you have control, and the confidence you are desperately searching for, it hurts my heart. But it makes sense.

They see a dollar sign. They don’t feel the daily struggle. They don’t fully understand what its going to do for you when you come out the other side.

So when it comes to investing in yourself, and your health know that what you feel is right in your gut is your compass. And that while your husbands support is important, knowing what YOU need for yourself is more important.

Because the only way we can be the best moms, wives, sisters, and friends is when we are thriving!

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