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Hi! I'm Dr. Beth

Doctor of chiropractic, author, speaker, women's health & nutrition expert - Founder of Eat for your cycle & Nutrition for Your Hormones

Dr. Beth is the author of the Best Selling book, The Female Fat Solution, the creator of the 12 Week Female Hormone Solution, the Eat for Your Cycle™ Method, and the host of The Female Health Solution Podcast. She has made it her mission to change the way women view their health. Working to educate and empower women to take their health into their own hands, she uses nutrition to help women work with the natural cycle of their bodies to achieve lasting weight loss results.

i'm on a mission

to guide women to a better understanding of their bodies natural cycle, and how it effects their health and weight loss. Weight loss programs are designed to set women up for failure, until now. There is nothing specifically designed to take into consideration a woman’s ever changing hormones. My goal is to educate and enlighten as many women as possible on how to Eat for your Cycle™. When we feel like we have control of our bodies we are empowered to take control of our health.

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