the female hormone solution

Balance hormones, slim down, and boost energy without counting calories, or spending hours in the gym. 

Transform your health, your body and your life

programs to help you gain your life back & Eat for Your Cycle

the 6 Month Female Hormone Solution

transform your health, your hormones, your body and your life

You are sick and tired of the constant struggle with your health and your weight.

You don’t have anymore time or energy to keep guessing at what might be wrong.

You want to regain control of your health and your body.

You need a data driven approach that is specific to what your body needs.

You are ready to commit to a proven method that gets you results, while also teaching you what your body needs. So this doesn’t end up just one more thing you try, rather a lifestyle you can sustain. All while finally gaining your energy back, sleeping better, and dropping the inches.

**Next group starting July 2024

DUTCH Hormone Testing

the most comprehensive hormone test for women

If you been feeling like there is a missing piece to your health or weight loss puzzle, DUTCH testing is your answer.

It gives you an in depth look at how your hormones function throughout the body indicating where something is wrong, and what to do about it.

It is the most complete and accurate way to determine how your hormones are functioning throughout the month, and will help you get to the root cause of any issues you are experiencing!

The 12 week female hormone solution

sustainable weight loss for women without dieting... starting today

Trust me when I say I know the feeling. The feeling of frustration when you try and try but don’t get the desired results. The feeling of motivational ups and downs and finding it difficult to stay consistent and stick with a diet plan. The feeling of wanting to start and really change your life for the better but being utterly overwhelmed by all the information and plans available at your fingertips.

It’s time to take control and end the cycle.

What is the right program for you? The one that is designed specifically for your body and your biology to get the results you want, once and for all. I’m going to teach you how to Eat for your Cycle and so much more!

the vip jump start program

sustainable weight loss with a customized one-on-one approach

You have tried so many cookie cutter diets, without sustainable results.

You can get started but quickly fall of the wagon, or get discouraged by the lack of results, and you don’t feel like it’s designed for you.

You can’t quite figure out what is the right solution for you, but you want something specific to you.

No more cookie cutter programs that aren’t designed specifically for you.

You are ready for someone to look at you individually, take a deep dive into your history, and design something custom to you. So you know you are set up for success.

The 12 week Menopause solution

regain control of your body & lose the weight you've gained, for good..starting today

Have you noticed that everything that used to work for you to drop those extra pounds no longer works?

That tire around your midsection won’t budge no matter what tried and true methods have worked for you in the past. You may be feeling frustrated and confused or like you have lost control of your own body.

Your body is changing and your weight loss program should, too.

It’s time to end the feelings of frustration and start feeling successful with a program designed specifically for your body as it goes through menopause with Nutrition for Your Hormones.


The 14 day slim down

decrease bloat, jump start metabolism & get back on track

You’ve gotten off track and are starting to feel heavy, lethargic and like you need a good reset.

It happens to all of us!

Getting back on track shouldn’t mean starving, spending hours in the gym or drinking disgusting detox drinks.

It’s time for a reset designed for women that helps boost energy, supports us nutritionally & gets things back on track.

This slim down gives you all the tools you need to get back on track in 14 days.

The female fat Burn Course

learn what your body needs once and for all

If you are eating and exercising the same all month long and not making progress you are missing a key component to sustainable weight loss…hormones.

In this course learn how to balance hormones naturally, burn more fat and get in tune with your body all by learning how to Eat for your Cycle.

Improve your energy, maximize your workouts, and dial in nutrition all month long. Learn what you need to do, and use the resources to get started with Nutrition for Your Hormones today.

the fertility solution program


It feels like you just keep hitting a dead end and you want answers. You are scared of the unknown.

You’re Exhausted, You’re Frustrated, You Don’t Know Where to Turn

It’s time to end the cycle of frustration, feeling hopeless, and not understanding what is keeping you from getting pregnant. Using whole food nutrition we will boost vitality, regulate your hormones, and produce the most fertile body we can in the next 6 months.

the endometriosis jump start course

learn more about what you should and shouldn't do to support your body

Have you been dealing with Endometriosis and aren’t sure where to turn for answers?

If you are sick of dealing with the pain, cramping and fatigue that comes along with it, then this course is for you.

I will provide you with more information on what exactly Endometriosis is, and why it happens to some women.

We will also dive deeper into things you can eliminate and some things you can add to provide some relief.


a one on one phone consult

60 minute


60 minute one on one phone consult with one of the Doctors on our team. If you have specific questions, or want more personalized guidance this call is for you.

*This is not a program and will not include additional resources.

fat burning hacks

All of these trainings are designed to give you the tools you need to easily implement these fat burning hacks

fat burning hacks for menopause


Designed to teach you how to use nutrition to burn more fat in menopause. We will also cover different tactics for combatting menopausal symptoms like hot flashes!

fat burning hacks for your cycle


This training will teach you how to match your nutrition to your hormones in order to burn more fat. Specific foods and tactics can be used at certain points of the month to get your metabolism burning faster!

fat burning fitness hacks


Learn how to time your nutrition around your workouts in order to achieve the highest level of fat burning! I will also give you ideas of different workouts that will be more beneficial during certain times of the month!

what others are saying

“I was so stuck and frustrated I thought I was going to have to live the rest of my life feeling that way.

When I found Dr. Beth I thought it was almost too good to be true. She was the only person speaking about Menopause. I am so glad I trusted her and took the leap. I have tried every diet out there, and NOTHING provided the results this program has. I lost 8 pounds, and 10 inches! I have more energy, and I finally feel like I have regained control of my body.” 

– Cheryl T.

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