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Its time to end the cycle of Yo-yo dieting

I know the feeling of frustration when you work so hard but don’t get the desired results. The feeling of motivational ups and downs and finding it difficult to stay consistent and stick with a diet plan. The feeling of wanting to start and really change your life for the better but being utterly overwhelmed by all the information and plans available at your fingertips.


What is the right program for you? The one that is designed specifically for your body and your biology to get the results you want, once and for all. Most plans fail to account for the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss for women –  NUTRITION FOR YOUR HORMONES. – Join the waitlist to learn more

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Start Losing Weight Today Without Restricting or Depriving Yourself

A Program that FITS with your Lifestyle & is Designed for YOUR body! No more worrying about not being able to stick with it! Nutrition for your Hormones is the key to sustainable results

It's time to change this story.

Most diet plans out there aren’t taking into consideration the way hormones change throughout the month and as women age.

Why is this important? Our hormones are shifting and changing every week of the month. If we aren’t supporting this natural change through Eating for Your Cycle, we are working against our body!

Most plans don’t take into consideration how stress affects the female body and prevents weight loss.

Did you know the female body is highly sensitive to stress? Things like restricting calories, or cutting out macronutrients can result in gaining belly fat. That tire around your midsection is a result of this!

And for women going through Menopause our bodies shift hormonally. It’s as if we have an entirely new body. If we aren’t supporting that change with the right nutrition no matter how clean we eat, or how much we workout, we are never going to get the results we want.

I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to not know where to turn, and feel like nothing is working when you’re doing “all the right things.” That’s exactly why I created this. Because I couldn’t find the solution I wanted, just like you.

Hi, I'm dr. beth!

I help women balance hormones and achieve sustainable weight loss results by using Nutrition for Your Hormones, Eating for your Cycle, along with specific fat burning tactics for women.

I spent years struggling with ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, and my weight. I never really felt like anything fit for me, and the advice I was being given from my Doctor wasn’t helpful. It wasn’t until I really dove into my Eastern Medicine background and started working with my patients using Nutrition for your Hormones and Eating for your Cycle that things really changed for them and me.

Not only were women experiencing less hormone related symptoms, they were experiencing more energy, better sleep, and started shedding weight easily.

After having helped hundreds of women regain control of their health and nutrition I’ve made it my mission to help you do the same! 

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the Female hormone solution WAITLIST

What's Included

The 12 Week Female Hormone Solution Program not only takes hormones and stress into consideration, it puts a plan in place to work with your body, and combat stress. You won't ever have to fight against your body again.

It’s designed to take the foods you are ALREADY eating, and fit them in to match with your hormone cycle.

So you can’t just “fall off the plan” and set yourself back.

I know you have DOUBTS. That’s normal. Especially if you’ve tried diet after diet with no lasting result. Why is this going to be the program you stick with?

Because you haven’t tried anything designed for YOUR body.

So you no longer have to worry about sticking to a strict plan, or how to navigate the weekends.

You can finally get back to feeling like you again, and loving your body!

All while gaining energy, losing inches, targeting belly fat, building strong lean muscle, and building back your confidence.

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Take the guess work out of meals

Meal Prep…it’s one of those things you know you should do, but don’t have the time for. Or maybe you’re the opposite and you love setting yourself up for the week.

Here’s the good news…if you don’t want to meal prep you don’t have to!

If you love to be prepared, I’m giving you all the tools you need!

This program is going to take the guess work out with an easy to use, family friendly meal guide. It’s laid out so you can easily swap in and out the things you have on hand. And it takes you through eating for your cycle!

on-demand support

Life happens. You shouldn’t be left wondering what to do to get back on track.

Time and time again you start something with the best intentions, and a few weeks in find yourself off track and unsure of where to go.

It can feel like you are in it alone, but it shouldn’t.

Consistency can be tough. But when you are doing something that fits with your current lifestyle, it becomes easier! It’s just a matter of moving things to fit with where your body is at.

stop the hormones and gain your life back

Are you feeling like you don’t have control of your body? Like the things that used to work aren’t working to lose weight?

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things, eating clean, working out, but it’s not paying off?

And you aren’t even really doing anything different, but you seem to just keep gaining weight.

We are going to balance your hormones through Nutrition for your Hormones in order to end the symptoms you’ve been experiencing every month and help you regain control of your body!

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“Dr. Beth helped teach me how to eat for my cycle. At first it seemed a little crazy, but once I started seeing results it made so much sense. I have more energy, I’ve lost a few sizes in my clothes, my mood is better. I wish I would have known this information years ago! I lost 8 pounds, and 10 inches in the first 6 weeks!”

– Laurie S.

Frequently asked questions

You will start with a DUTCH test.  Once we have your results back we will do a deep dive into your health history, hormone issues, struggles, goals etc. From there I will develop a specific starting point for you, and add in any additional suggestions so you get off to the best possible start. While we are waiting for those results to come back we will get started on a 30 day primer to get your body ready to go through the protocol and the program itself! From there you have access to me 24/7 via email I will check in with you every week. We also have weekly group coaching calls that you can jump on and ask any additional questions.

In the self guided version of the program we will jump right into the 30 day primer. This will help get your body ready to go through the program!

This program is designed specifically for women. We’ve taken into consideration how the female body processes nutrients differently, and we’ve also set specific foundational protocols in place so you get off to the right start. You will also receive customization and support that is specific to YOUR body. The program is not the same for everyone! We use the feedback your body gives us to adjust as we go to make sure you’re reaching your goals!

Well, if you are willing to do the work and follow my guidance, it will work for you. I am committed to making sure you make progress. My tool belt is FULL of tools that we can use based on how your body is responding. We will continue to tweak and adjust as we go along to make sure you hit your goals.

Yes! Each week we have a group coaching call that you can jump on and get your questions answered. I am also available via email 24/7. AND if you choose the coaching option you and I will have an initial jumpstart call along with 3-5 one to one phone calls to make sure we are staying on track & moving towards your goals.

Every woman is different and has a different starting point. Most women experience things like: an drastic improvement in energy, better sleep, fewer/elimination of Menopause symptoms, clothes fitting better, improvement in strength, inches decreasing by 10-30 inches overall. AND a better understanding of how to take control of your new body. So you feel like you again.

Here’s the thing…if your body is functioning like it should be, one thing shouldn’t make or break it. You should be able to have the cupcake, or glass of wine, or dressing on your salad without it “throwing things off” or sabotaging your results. That’s my goal for you in this program; to get your body functioning like it should be, so you can still have the things you love.

We have a program specific to this phase of life. Upon registration you will have the option to choose The 12 Week Menopause Solution. It’s tailored to fit for what your body needs going through this transition and all of the information delivered is specific to women from perimenopause through post menopausal. 

In short, VERY. I am going to list out specifics for you to follow, but I’m also going to offer you a TON of substitution options. So if you find something you don’t like, swap it with something you do. This will probably be the easiest, most flexible meal guide you’ve ever followed. Because in reality, it’s not as much about being super strict, as it is about getting the right types of foods at the right times. I’m going to teach you that!

  • DUTCH Test + analysis with 60 minute consultation
  • Initial 30 Day Primer
  • 3-5 One to One Phone Calls with our Doctors
  • 1 Emergency Phone Call with our Doctors
  • Customization to Meal Guide & Program
  • Supplement Protocol Customization & Adjustments
  • Weekly Recorded Group Coaching Calls & 1 Live Session per Month
  • Coaching Audios
  • 12 Weeks of in depth content teaching you how to eat and exercise for your body
  • Flexible meal guides that are family friendly & easy to adapt
  • Grocery Lists to make shopping easy
  • 12 Week Program Journal
  • Exercise Recommendations
  • Access to our Doctors via email
  • Weekly Check Ins via email

The 6 month program is really designed to give you all of the tools you need to continue with the lifestyle we have created. And most women are able to continue making progress on their own!

With that being said, we had a lot of requests for continued support or accountability, so we have created various options for continued support.

We are constantly changing, adding and updating the content in the program. You have access to everything from your session for all 12 weeks, plus a catch up week. You are also free to download and record anything you’d like!

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