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“This might sound dramatic, but this program changed my life. I was feeling hopeless, lost, and completely out of touch with my body. Going through Menopause had been a terrible experience for me, and I couldn’t find answers anywhere. I was hesitant and skeptical that this would really work, but Dr. Beth was the only person that was talking about things specifically for Menopause. I am so glad I took a chance. I can’t even explain my gratitude for Dr. Beth. I felt supported, and I know she truly cared about me. I have my life back. My energy has returned and I can do the things I love! I am down a couple pant sizes, but I actually feel in control again. This is priceless to me. I would do this again a million times over!” – Sandy J.

“I was so stuck and frustrated I thought I was going to have to live the rest of my life feeling that way. When I found Dr. Beth I thought it was almost too good to be true. She was the only person speaking about Menopause. I am so glad I trusted her and took the leap. I have tried every diet out there, and NOTHING provided the results this program has. I lost 8 pounds, and 10 inches! I have more energy, and I finally feel like I have regained control of my body.” –Cheryl T.

“I had tried EVERYTHING. You name it, I’ve done it. When talking with Dr. Beth I quickly realized I never took my hormone issues into consideration. Having something custom to my body was clearly the answer. I’m down 25inches, have my energy back, don’t need an afternoon nap, and FINALLY feel like myself again. ” – Helen F.


I just wanted to say Thank you!! I lost a total of 16 inches in the last 6 weeks. My weight is down 3.7lbs and my hot flashes are so minimal…its wonderful! Thank you, so excited to continue on! – Madison S. 



Just wanted to share what happened to me this morning. I was running late to my hair appt, because I really wanted to make those protein donuts Dr. Beth Westie posted. So being in a hurry I grabbed a pair of jeans from my closet, hurried put them on and thought thank God they fit without me having to struggle getting into them. While using the bathroom later I noticed the tag inside said size 8, . What!! I didn’t realize that’s what I grabbed! Of course I did a happy dance
So even though the scales hasn’t moved a ton,like only 5lbs and my measurements are only down a little,things are happening and my clothes are fitting better! 
So I’ll keep plugging away! Thank you Dr. Beth Westie! – Hannah G.



Hi Beth! Happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know that since I’ve started your meal plan, I’ve lost 10.4 pounds. I even had a cheat night if pizza last week and I’ve had a few drinks while in the program…plus, this is without working out. Just wanted to say both my hubby and I are loving the meal plan and feel healthier! Thanks!! I’m excited about this lifestyle change! We eat a lot if these foods but to know when to eat them to work with your body, who knew? I’m so thankful you started this!! – Natalie L.



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“I had been going about weight loss in menopause all wrong. Who knew? Nothing that used to work was working, so I joined Dr. Beth’s program. When she explained to me how important it was to detox excess hormone, and get my body metabolizing hormone again it made so much sense. I was trying to start at step 3 and had missed the first two steps. This program saved me so much frustration, money, headaches, time! I am so grateful for Dr. Beth. I feel like I finally have my life back. My energy is back, my weight is down, and I finally know how to eat for my body without dieting! I didn’t think this was possible!” – Linda H.


“It’s been over a year since I completed Dr. Beth’s program and I am elated. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it hasn’t and I know it won’t. I’ve maintained my nutrition, energy, weight is still down. I am just so happy. I truly didn’t think anything would ever really work for me long term. This is the real deal. If you never want to worry about your weight or have to diet again, you want to work with Dr. Beth! She is the best!” Jessica M.


“This is the real deal! Dr. Beth’s passion for helping women learn how to feed their bodies and sustain their results is like nothing else. She has built something that is changing women’s lives, mine included. I thought I would be dieting for the rest of my life, not anymore. I know what my body needs and when, and I’ve maintained my results for over 6 months now. I am in control, and I feel amazing. Words cannot describe how grateful I am!” – Tess N.


“I’ve been sleeping like a rock, and if I do wake up (ahem, children) I can fall back to sleep instead of laying awake while my mind races for hours. 
I plan to take measurements in the morning, so no update there at the moment. I put my scale away and don’t plan to take it back out any time soon. It’s so liberating to be without it! 
Also, I went swimsuit shopping and actually had fun, not because I look like a swimsuit model , but because knowing I’m consistently taking good care of myself makes me appreciate what I see in the mirror, flaws and all.” – Shianne L.


“Going Gluten Free and sugar free has been easier than I thought – and I feel great! I have more energy, feel less bloated, and my period was much better – which is a big deal. I will keep going and see if I can finally lose some inches too. Thanks!” –Jessica J.


“I too have noticed less bloating with going totally gluten free which is amazing. For me, not having to count calories for every little thing has been liberating. Focusing on the nutrients is so much smarter! Have lost a few pounds and an inch off the waist. Not dramatic but for being pre-menopause, this is really good. Before, I couldn’t get any change at all so moving in the right direction now.” – Elizabeth N.


“I fit into a pair of jeans today that had gotten way to tight!! This morning gave them a try and bam…they went on and not to tight!!! Felt so good!! I am not sure how many lbs have been lost..I ditched the scale! I have not been feeling like I need a nap in the afternoon anymore!! It still seems strange to eat so much food. But getting used to it.” –Lindsey S.




“Dr. Beth helped teach me how to eat for my body. At first it seemed a little crazy, but once I started seeing results it made so much sense. I have more energy, I’ve lost a few sizes in my clothes, my mood is better. I wish I would have know this information years ago! I lost 8 pounds, and 10 inches in the first 6 weeks!”

– Laurie S.


“My weight had been a struggle of mine for my entire life, or as long as I can remember. I had basically yo-yo dieted for my entire life. Jumping from one thing to the next hoping it was going to be the answer. As I got older it seemed like it got harder and harder to lose the weight. When I hit menopause it seemed like things spun out of control. When I started working with Dr. Beth it was so refreshing to find someone that looked at me as a whole. We talked about my hormone issues, autoimmune issues, and my struggles with weight loss. She set up a plan specifically for me to address all of these things at once. It was life changing.” Judy T.


“The best investment I’ve made in my health. I had no idea I could feel this good. I am confident the tools I have been given have set me up for the rest of my life. My menopause symptoms are gone, auto immune issues under control, I’m down 27lbs and 30 inches overall. I feel like I have my life back. ” Mary N.


“Menopause hit me like a ton of bricks. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, you name it, I had it. It seemed like anywhere I turned there were only Band-Aids to put over these things, and not a real fix. I tried hormone replacement and that seemed like it made things worse.” – Kris L.

“I tried to dig in and research, asked friends, doctors, my mom, no one had a real answer for me except “This is just part of this phase of life.”In finding Dr. Beth it was like finally someone was speaking my language. I knew I didn’t want to struggle through this, and she was the only real person that gave me hope. I joined her program and was astonished. There was so much I didn’t know about my body it was almost embarrassing.” – Katie D.

I’m loving the food and the options (and who knew coconut oil was so awesome?!) and appreciate the learnings about how my body works and when it needs different things. I also love that this plan is adaptable to my life. One of my main ‘why’s’ for this program was to continue to learn about ways I can be healthy and kinder to my body and I absolutely feel like I’m getting that. Life (and my meal plans) need to be healthy but flexible and sustainable – and this is! –Missy J.



I lost ~7 pounds (I started a little early). After 1 month my cycle lengthened and I had the longest cycle I’ve had in two years (27 days)!! My cycles were 19-21 days with bleeding for 10-12 days. I just started my second cycle on the plan and it was 25 days. Whoot whoot!!!! I plan to continue on this plan as I have more to lose. Slow and steady.  The warming/cooling is something I’ll stick with forever. – Emma R.


“Learning that my body was still having a hormone cycle even after a hysterectomy blew my mind. But when I started adding cooling and warming foods is was like my body thanked me for finally doing something right. My symptoms started to subside, I felt better, my energy was back, it was incredible.” – Jenny S.


 “The things I learned in this program will serve me for the rest of my life. I’ve told every woman I know about Dr. Beth because I truly feel she saved me from years of struggle and frustration.” – Lisa S.

“Hi! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that at my gym they tested body fat along with weight and measurements before this challenge. And I know you say the scale isn’t a good indicator of success, so I know you would like this. I am down 6% body fat since starting this program with you! I feel so much better, my clothes fit better, and I finally have the energy I was looking for! You have taught me so much about my body! THANK YOU!” –Abigail J.


 “I am a week behind but still down 9lbs! Many to go but I can feel the difference!” – Sarah T.


“I am down 7 pounds so far this month! I also have a lot more energy than I had before! Hopefully these results keep coming!” – Julie T.

“Losing inches around my hips where I never usually lose.” – Melissa V.

“Losing inches around my stomach and thighs.” – Kim A.

 Feeling so good!!!  Down 7 pounds…and can only imagine how many inches. My stomach is much flatter and not as bloated!! Followed through with all my cleanse days so far…which in the past had been really hard for me!! Can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks brings!!! And I’m not feeling as awful after I eat meals like I always have…I think gluten free is for me!!!  – Becky C.

Does losing weight in your boobs count? No, seriously, its where I lose first! Workout bra didn’t fit yesterday, had to switch to a smaller one! – Victoria G.

I’ve lost about 5 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. Truthfully I’ve stayed on plan about 90% of the time. some cheating but overall better and cleaner eating than I’ve done in over a year. i do keep getting back on track rather than completely fail. that’s progress. I’m less puffy and I think the gluten free foods are helping there. –Megan H.



“I was so stuck and frustrated I thought I was going to have to live the rest of my life feeling that way. When I found Dr. Beth I thought it was almost too good to be true. She was the only person speaking about Menopause. I am so glad I trusted her and took the leap. I have tried every diet out there, and NOTHING provided the results this program has. I lost 8 pounds, and 10 inches! I have more energy, and I finally feel like I have regained control of my body.”

– Lois T.

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