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Let’s Talk About Binging ????????????????????????????????????????????

Most of us understand the concept of binging: overindulging typically with food and/or drink to excess. ⁣⁣

A typical scenario for women, is starting a new diet or cleanse and keeping yourself on a very strict regime until one day (or night!), you just start eating anything and everything in sight. It’s the feeling of complete loss of control around food or drink. ⁣⁣

What triggers the binge?? There are a couple different things…⁣⁣

Specific Foods: The specific foods that might trigger a binge are typically high in sugar/carb, high in fat, and have a source of minerals. ⁣⁣

Many women blame their period on their cravings and binges, when really you should be eating more during this time of the month! You actually need more nutrients and calories to keep your body stable and healthy. ⁣⁣

Having specific foods that you are craving can tell you that your body actually needs more calories or more nutrients! ⁣⁣

Time of Day: most of the time binges happen later in the day. We don’t usually wake up and feel the desire to eat a whole bag of chips. Why? Because your body is refreshed! Your metabolism is the highest. Women typically binge at night, when they are tired and the stress of the day has worn them down. If you haven’t had enough nutrients and calories throughout the day, or buffered the stress your body has been under, its very easy to binge. ⁣⁣

Something very important that I teach in the 12 week challenge is about willpower. Women are so hard on themselves and blame their lack of results on not having enough willpower. But the truth is, your brain controls your “willpower” and your brain runs off of certain nutrients! If you aren’t getting enough of those nutrients, it can be very hard to just will yourself to do certain things. I teach women to fuel themselves correctly to support their brain chemistry and hormones to avoid the need to binge! ⁣⁣

Habit/Mindset: Mindset is also super important. As I mentioned before, you can’t rely on willpower. If you have an “all or nothing” approach to health or keep yourself in a strict program with no flexibility, this can set you up to binge and feel so much negativity towards yourself, when it isn’t your fault! You just need the tools to fuel your body and your brain so that you don’t need bingeing to cope! ⁣⁣

I have a few more spots in the 12 week challenge and we are just a few days out from the start date! Schedule a call to see if its a good fit for you:

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