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Is my weight gain from estrogen??

Estrogen Dominance can looks like so many different things other than weight gain: fatigue, excess body hair/facial hair, irregular cycle, etc.

If you are estrogen dominant and have excess hormonal weight, this can be some of the hardest weight to lose!

As a women’s health expert, this is one of the big things I work on with the women in my 12 week challenge!

Estrogen dominance can come from a number of things like endocrine disruptors, stress, medications, birth control, etc!

A big thing that many women don’t realize is if they have low progesterone, that triggers estrogen dominance as well. That then triggers weight gain in your hips, things, and midsection.

Your metabolism also slows down with this weight gain and the fat just sticks! The term for this is toxic fat gain. This is fat that is holding on to excess hormone to try and regulate it in your system. So your system does not want to get rid of it!

Once you identify that your hormones are imbalanced, it is usually not enough to just eat “clean” and workout. You need to incorporate eating for your hormones and specifically targeting these issues through a holistic approach that is customized to you.

If you want more information on how you can do this, click this link to schedule a call for the 12 week challenge:

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