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Dr. Beth Westie

How the Female Cycle Affects Weight Loss

Ever wonder why your husband can drop ten pounds and you gain one on the same diet??

It’s because your body is made to follow a plan that CHANGES with your cycle!

The truth is, the female body is designed to store fat! There are times in the female cycle where its easier to burn fat than others.

The progression of weight loss for the female body typically looks like this:

Increase in energy

Losing inches

Finally, a decrease on the scale

The first two weeks of your cycle, the estrogen phase, is when you will have more energy and it is easier to build muscle! This is the phase when you can burn right through those carbs – a girl’s best friend! 😉

Then, ovulation occurs. That’s when things can get tricky!

In the second two weeks of your cycle, the progesterone phase, your body is actually designed to SLOW DOWN.

To target weight loss and muscle building, the estrogen phase is much more effective.

You can definitely still workout during the progesterone phase, it will just look different, along with dietary changes.

The biggest thing to remember is that you need to give yourself grace! Your body changes EVERY WEEK, and it takes time to know and embrace the changes.

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