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Dr. Beth Westie

Master Your Sleep For Energy, Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

I’ve faced insomnia on and off throughout my life, and let me tell you…it’s been A JOURNEY to improve my sleep! Sleep isn’t a simple math problem – you’ve got hormonal changes, the moon, and personal traumas at play. 

Not only did I grow up in a chaotic environment but I experienced night terrors when I was younger. In college, I experimented with herbal treatments to get some relief. More recently, I have used an Ayurvedic approach to tackle deeper traumas, which has helped in many ways but led to some unpredictable sleep patterns for several months.

From October to April of this year, I experienced one of the longest periods of insomnia in my life. I tried numerous methods, including melatonin and various sleep supplements, but nothing seemed to work consistently. So I decided to create my own sleep tincture. Combining herbs like hops, lemon balm, passionflower, valerian, kava kava, skull cap, California poppy, and chamomile, I’ve actually found a combination that works. This tincture, free of melatonin and non-addictive, has been seriously improving my sleep. 

Here’s what my current sleep routine looks like:

  • No screens: 30 minutes to an hour before bed.
  • Red light therapy: Calms my mind and improves my skin. 
  • Weighted blanket: Provides comfort and security.
  • Loop earplugs: Blocks out ambient noise, especially helpful with my husband and two dogs sharing the room.
  • Nighttime skincare: Simple routine with washing and moisturizing.
  • Sleep tincture: Two squeezes under my tongue before bed.

Quality sleep is your number one tool for health, impacting everything from brain function and metabolism to gut health. Especially for those with autoimmune issues, like myself, good sleep can significantly reduce flare-ups and improve overall wellness. 

My best sleep tips: 

  • Have a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Use calming nighttime routines and red light therapy.
  • Find effective earplugs to block out disruptive noise.
  • Create a dark and cool environment. 
  • Consider supplements like my new sleep support tincture.

Join me on this sleep journey – it’s life changing for your health and happiness! 

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For all the details, listen to the full episode.

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