jumpstart your metabolism & get your body burning more fat!

the 14 day slim down

All without counting calories, restricting your diet, or crazy workouts!


your new favorite reset

Hi, I'm Dr. Beth!

After struggling for years to find an easy and effective reset designed for women, I realized there was nothing out there specifically for women. As a busy mom, I needed something easy and effective!
If you are in need of a reset, want helping getting your nutrition back on track, and want to shed some weight, this slim down is for you.
Designed specifically for women this program will help you get your body into fat burning mode. With easy to use, flexible meal guides and quick workouts that can be done at home you will find this program the easiest you’ve done!

what you get


A 14 Day Meal Guide to help you dial in your nutrition and get your body into fat burning mode.

Complete with a specific morning routine to help boost your metabolism, decrease bloat, and jumpstart digestion.


Implement specific tactics to help balance hormones naturally. Giving you an introduction to seed cycling.

Covering specifics of getting started, and implement to help balance hormones and alleviate hormonal symptoms.


A variety of quick and easy workouts that are designed to get you into fat burning mode in a short amount of time.

All of these workouts can be done at home or in the gym.

Get Back on track Today Without Restricting or Depriving Yourself

A simple reset to get you back on track without counting calories or spending hours in the gym

This reset is for you if:

start burning more fat today

No counting calories, no crazy diet drinks, no impossible workouts.

Just an easy to use protocol designed specifically for women.

"When women take care of their health they become their own best friend"

more about me

I'm Dr. Beth - Mom, Wife, Author, Chiropractor, and Women's Health & Nutrition Expert

I am passionate about helping women balance hormones and achieve sustainable weight loss. I love helping women better understand their bodies, and take control of their health.

After suffering a miscarriage, and then struggling for years with ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, and yo-yo dieting, I knew there had to be a better way.

When I started to dive in, I found most of the nutrition, health and weight loss information in the main stream media is researched on and works best for men.

As women our hormones are shifting every week of the month, and throughout our lives. In order to allow our bodies to function optimally, and to ultimately achieve any type of weight loss goal we have to take this shift into consideration.

I used my Eastern Medicine background paired with my extensive education in nutrition to come up with a protocol that uses nutrition to enhance the dominant hormones function during each week of the month.

Using whole food nutrition that matches the female cycle allows women to naturally balance hormones and achieve sustainable weight loss results.

After helping hundreds of women in my clinic achieve significant hormonal improvements and weight loss results, I sold my clinic to serve more women in the online space.

I published my book, The Female Fat Solution in 2017, and since have appeared on numerous local news stations and have continued to work with hundreds of women virtually. My goal is to help more women understand how their bodies work, and how they can use nutrition and their hormones to their advantage.


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