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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

“I am doing all the right things, why can’t I lose the weight?!?”

I speak with women every day who are eating healthy foods and staying active or hitting the gym and yet they don’t see the results they want.

The truth is, they haven’t been given the right information for THEIR body and female hormone needs.

I was just on a jumpstart call with one of the women who joined my upcoming 12 week program and she voiced her frustration about having an immaculate diet and yet is not seeing any results! She mentioned the rigid schedule she has herself on to keep her nutrition dialed in and yet she has completely plateaued.

Right away I identified areas where her stress is way too high! Many women do not realize the impact that stress has on their bodies. This should be one of the first areas to address!

Another huge piece of the puzzle is the fact that she was eating the same things, all month long. When we look at the hormonal cycle, though, there are so many changes throughout the month! This is huge when it comes to getting results, and long term change, in a healthy way for your body.

Let’s look at the female cycle and take Day 5, Day 15 and Day 25, for example. Day 5 of your cycle is when Estrogen is on the rise and dominant in your system. Day 15 is around the time your hormones shift and Progesterone starts to rise and Estrogen lowers. Around Day 25, your progesterone is high and estrogen is much lower. It’s a complete change every 10 days!

You can be working out 5-6 days a week and eating well, but stress and your changing body chemistry throughout the month are two huge reasons you are probably not seeing results. Many women in this situation also find that their metabolism is not functioning and they are exhausted!

We need to be addressing the stress, hormonal changes, metabolism, inflammation, eating enough protein, among other factors, to truly optimize your system! And it changes from woman to woman!

These are all things I coach you individually on in the 12 week challenge. If you are interested in learning more or think it might be a good fit for you, schedule a call with my team!

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