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Weight fluctuations are NORMAL

Weight fluctuations are NORMAL.

In fact, they are a sign that your body is going through its natural hormonal changes throughout the month.

This may come as a surprise, because most women are in a constant battle with the scale to keep seeing that number go down even by the day!

This is not a healthy or realistic expectation on your body, even though the health and fitness industry wants you to think otherwise.

So, what is actually going on with your hormones? How do you know you are going to see consistent results over time if you can’t rely on the scale?

When looking at a typical cycle, the first couple of weeks your estrogen is higher (starting on day 1 of your period) and the next few weeks your progesterone is higher (starting after your ovulate).

In terms of your body’s ability to burn fat, estrogen is going to burn carb easier and progesterone will actually burn fat easier.

Does this mean you will weigh less in your progesterone phase? No!

In fact, your body often needs MORE nutrient and rest during this time and the scale might fluctuate up.

During your estrogen phase, after a period, is typically when women see the scale drop.

This is why weighing yourself every day, every week or every couple weeks can be so misleading!

If you absolutely feel the need to use the scale as your measure for success, weigh yourself once a month at the same time in your cycle.

In the 12 week program, I teach you how to work with your hormonal cycle to burn the fat consistently, over time! This is NOT a crash diet, restrictive eating plan or a lose weight quick protocol.

The 12 week program is designed to work with your individual physiology, balance your hormones, eat for your cycle and FEEL your best, while also losing inches, burning fat and gaining lean muscle.

If you are in, and ready to put 100% into finding the solution for you once and for all, you’re going to want to get on the waitlist in the comments.

You and I will work together to determine what this is for you, AND set realistic expectations for YOUR sustainable results.

There are limited spots, so join the waitlist to get yours!

12 Week Program Waitlist:

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