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Let’s Talk Supplements!

When we’re talking about supplements, there are a couple that I really recommend in general:

A good multivitamin!! Even though I definitely promote getting the majority of your nutrients from food, having a multivitamin will really get you to the nutrient threshold that you need!

Fish Oil! If you eat plenty of fresh fish every day that’s one thing! But most of us do not get enough to eliminate the need for the supplement.

Vitamin D – Unless you live in a sunny, warm, climate and get enough exposure to the sun every day, you need to supplement vitamin D!!!

Probiotic and/or Digestive Enzyme! Digestive function is really important to absorb the nutrients that you are eating in your food! If you are not regular every day, you neeeeed these.

Adaptogens – Including adaptogens really helps alleviate stress, which is HUGE for women and reaching your health goals.

When adapting these supplements for women in menopause, I also recommend getting some form of Beet Root! This increases oxygen, blood flow, and helps women in menopause detox! It is much harder to detox in menopause, so this is a helpful booster!

I talk about this in more detail in my new book, the Female Menopause Solution!! I can’t wait to share it with you! If you or a friend or family member is approaching or going through menopause, get on the waitlist for this book release! Be the FIRST to know when the new Menopause Book comes out:

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