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Did That Cupcake Ruin Your Day?

We are often told that the only way to achieve results in our health is by following a rigid plan, to perfection. We are sold the fear that if we don’t follow this plan or don’t do that perfectly, we won’t have the body or health that we want.

The failure is pushed onto us and our willpower. If we have that cupcake or that glass of wine, we are told that we have ruined everything and it’s our fault. This is the issue with restrictive dieting!

The truth is, restrictive dieting leads to nutrient depletion, which will cause much more stress on your body and make it even harder to thrive. The nutrient depletion creates a starvation mode in your body so that even small amounts of sugar will be used as a defense mechanism and fat storage. This is why the diet cycle is so dangerous. You end up gaining more weight and slowing your system down over time!

Here is the good news. When you throw off restrictive diets and learn how to truly eat enough nutrients and feed your hormones, that cupcake or donut or cookie won’t derail your body.

These are two things NOT to do when you have a planned or unplanned indulgence:

Do NOT beat yourself up about it, think negative thoughts about yourself and stress yourself out Do NOT punish yourself by restricting your food for the rest of the day!

A balanced mindset allows for modifications and variations because that is a part of life! And you can STILL find freedom with your food and feel good about your body.

This is something I teach the women in my 12 week challenge. I reframe the mindset around food and tailor your meal plan to you! You don’t need to be afraid of different food anymore. If you are curious about this or think the plan might be a good fit, schedule a free call here:

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