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Dr. Beth Westie

Are Your Nutrients Depleted??

First off, nutrient depletion looks totally different for each person, but it could be the reason that you are not seeing results even though you are doing all the “right” things!

A big indicator that your nutrients are depleted is if you are getting more fatigued over time. Or maybe your recovery time from a workout takes twice as long. Or maybe the weight just won’t come off. So, what do you need to look out for with nutrient depletion?

Stress – this will have a much more detrimental effect on your body when you are nutrient depleted and it will take longer to recover from stress.

Sleep/Recovery – your sleep will actually be more disrupted. You would think that because your body is fatigued it would naturally gravitate towards rest, but this is not the case. Your body’s job while you are sleeping is to repair everything, but if the nutrients aren’t available to support the repair you actually won’t get as restful sleep!

Metabolism – your nutrient depletion is going to cause your metabolism to slow down.

Increased Fat Storage – because your metabolism is slowed, your body will increase its fat storage. You can cut calories, cut foods, eat clean, and still gain and hold on to fat.

If you think you may be struggling with nutrient depletion, this is something I coach in my 12 week program! You can reverse these issues with fueling your body in the right way for you! Schedule a call to see if its a good fit:

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