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Menopause can be one of the hardest times to love your body and understand the changes that are happening. There are so many factors that affect when menopause occurs and what menopause is. In fact, menopause can happen for many reasons other than age.

For instance, you can also go into menopause if you have a hysterectomy, even if you’re 30 years old! When I talk about the shifts and changes within menopause and peri menopause, its important to remember these external factors.

So how do you know you’ve reached menopause??

Officially, menopause is a lack of your period for a full 12 months. Before that, even if its been five months and you have your period (even a small one!), technically you’re still in perimenopause.

If you have a blood test to determine menopause, your LH and FSH will be elevated and stay high and your estrogen and progesterone will be lower. That’s essentially the hormonal definition of menopause.

So what are the symptoms of menopause??

Typically, menopause is accompanied by hot flashes, tender breasts, decreased libido, weight gain and metabolism changes. There are so many details within each of these symptoms and they are not the same for everyone. I will be covering all of this in my Menopause Solution group that starts in July!

This group will give you the coaching and support to optimize your hormones and lifestyle so that you can enjoy your life and love your body!

Click the link below to learn more and get on the waitlist! Anyone on the waitlist will receive 20% off on the first day of registration and 10% off the day after!! I would love to have you.

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