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I’ll Be Happy When…

I will be happy when…

How many times have you said that very sentence and finished it off with some number in relation to your weight?

As women it seems like this is all to common of an occurrence, and honestly it frustrates the hell out of me.

I believe you can be happy and love your body through the process, and I believe society has taught us that dieting should be a struggle.

We’ve been taught that it should be tough to lose the weight. You should have to restrict and cut things out in order to reach your goal weight.

I call BS.

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with that are exhausted, burnt out, and so emotionally drained from trying to reach that number. And some that got close but felt like completely garbage doing it.


As women we have the advantage of having a hormone cycle. (I know you are thinking wtf is this woman talking about this has never been an advantage). But hear me out.

During certain phases of your cycle when progesterone is higher your body is naturally burning more fat. When you eat correctly during this phase you can capitalize on this & get it into an even deeper fat burn.

Whereas during estrogen your body is naturally burning carb. So you can use specific nutrition and different protocols to boost your carb burn & metabolism during this time.

To lose weight, have it be sustainable and last it should be easy. Something you think to yourself “I can do this forever.”

If you love donuts, and you go on a plan that doesn’t allow you to have donuts, what typically ends up happening? You make it 3 weeks without them and then you’re craving them so badly that you binge on an entire box.

You need to be able to incorporate the things you love, while working with your body and hormones.

Your plan should take into consideration your health history and your lifestyle. Pregnancies, stressful job, training for a marathon, surgery, trauma, hormone imbalance, birth control, etc. all of these NEED to be addressed with nutrition.

If you don’t you’re being set up to fail.

I work with women ever single day, one on one to address their specific hormone issues, health history, lifestyle, dietary preferences so they are set up to be successful.

The result? An EASY, SUSTAINABLE plan that FITS FOR THEM! Side effects include: weight loss, slimming down, more energy, better workouts, less mood swings, regulated cycle, skin clearing up, symptomless periods, better sleep, less brain fog, and on and on.

You can have this too. You just need to the right tools.

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