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Dr. Beth Westie

How Would This Change You?

How would you treat yourself differently if…

You knew that the countless diets you have followed were NOT designed for your body?

The struggle to manage your weight is actually increased by dieting?

Feeling discouraged and betrayed by your body is not your fault?

Fatigue and emotional swings could actually be managed in a loving way (not restricting everything you enjoy!)??

The world would be an incredible place if women weren’t shoved into boxes created by diet culture or realized how amazing the female body is when hormones and body changes are embraced!

This is my mission.

And I am so excited to announce that I will be releasing my new book, The Female Menopause Solution later THIS MONTH!!

I can’t wait to share the message of this book with women who feel trapped by diets, trapped by their bodies and stuck in a cycle of fad diets. There is a better way!

I would love for YOU to be one of the first to get a copy – just click the following link to be the first to know! Grab one for your mom and sister too!

Be the first to know about my new book here:

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