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Dr. Beth Westie

Don’t cut calories and over exercise!

Eating less and exercising more does NOT work for the female physiology!

Most diets and weight loss programs will tell women to restrict their calories and try to burn as many as possible. While this may seem like a simple calories in, calories out situation, it will actually harm the female body in the long term, especially if there are hormone imbalance issues at play.

Here are some common hormone issues that need to be addressed to achieve sustainable results:

– increased estrogen

– decreased progesterone

– Thyroid imbalance

– cortisol issues

– leptin/ghrelin regulation

– Androgen imbalance

Restricting calories and overworking in the gym is actually going to make the hormone issues worse! So how do we resolve this?

The best way to start is by testing your hormones, so we can see exactly what is going on. We will go through a protocol together that has meal guides, supplements recommendations, seed cycling, protein pacing, carb cycling and more!

This is all a part of the 12 week program and the waitlist is open for the next round. If you are interested in joining, the waitlist is the only way to secure a spot in registration!

Join the waitlist here:

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