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Do This Before Your Workout!

What should I eat/drink before a workout??

This is a question I often get from women and it is super important!!

Here’s the thing. It is important to have some nutrients in your body before you workout! If you wake up and workout fasted, your body is going to treat that like a very high stressor. This can be detrimental to your hormones! Even if your goal is to burn more fat, but you are in menopause or even have a hormonal imbalance, then I recommend eating before exercise.

Another important point is that it actually is more effective to focus on nutrition first, and then the actual workout. It isn’t as important what you are doing, or how long you are working out or even however many calories you might track if your nutrition isn’t supporting your movement.

I talk about this in my new book, products for sports performance are not researched with the female hormones in mind! So it is super important to take care of your own body and do things that are nutritionally right for YOUR body and hormones.

So let’s talk nutrients!

I recommend this breakdown of macros for regular workouts (if you are training for a marathon, you will need more support!)

  • Protein (10-20g)
  • Carbs (15-20g)
  • Fats (4g)

Antioxidants – get these antioxidants in BEFORE your workout!

Increase Blood Flow – There are a couple different things I recommend based on the individual to increase blood flow! Two common ones are Beetroot (capsule, powder, juice) and caffeine! Both of these will help with blood flow during a workout.

I cover all of these topics in much more detail in my new book, which is coming soon! Click the link below to get on the waitlist for the new book!

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