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624. How Therapy Changed My Hormones

Therapy isn’t just about sorting through emotions; it impacts hormones and your body chemistry! I’ve experienced this firsthand over the past decade. Confronting the tough stuff, like stress-induced physical symptoms, led me to therapy.

Through modalities like EMDR, I began rewiring my brain and addressing deep-rooted trauma, gradually regaining control over my body and mind.

Years later, I’m now facing some new challenges, therapy once again became my lifeline. This time, it’s about rebuilding physical strength and managing autoimmune flare-ups.

As I unpacked my stress and mental challenges, I noticed a positive shift in my hormones. Therapy isn’t necessarily the easy way out, but it’s so often overlooked on the hormone journey.

Let this be a sign to give therapy a try. I’ve become a bit of a therapy junkie myself – listen to the episode for all the deets! 


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