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623. How to Balance Postpartum Hormones & Irregular Cycles

Tracy, a new mom, shares her struggles with irregular menstrual cycles, low prolactin, and low progesterone levels since giving birth to her son two years ago. This conversation covers a range of topics from breastfeeding to gut health, and how new mother’s can support their hormones. 

Key topics: 

  • Nutrient Depletion: We discuss how hormonal imbalances could be due to nutrient depletion postpartum
  • Gut Health: Gut health is linked to hormone balance – I recommend focusing on reducing sugar and processed foods to support gut health.
  • Breastfeeding and Menstruation: Tracy’s irregular menstrual cycles could be related to genetics and breastfeeding. Things often don’t adjust until after the baby is weaned! 
  • Balanced Diet and Supplements: It’s important to prioritize protein intake, stay hydrated, get quality sleep, and use mineral supplements like Shilajit to replenish the body. 
  • Patience and Incremental Changes: Be patient and focus on making small, sustainable changes over time rather than expecting immediate results. 
  • Setting Goals: We also discuss setting realistic goals and benchmarks. 

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