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620. A Personal Update: Family Drama

It’s time for a personal update! While I usually focus on health education, I wanted to share a bit more about my personal life because that’s where we all get the most support right? The lives of other women battling the same things we are. 

Recently, my dad landed in the hospital. It was a serious deal – respiratory failure, sepsis, the works. Easter plans? Canceled. Instead, we visited Dad in the ICU, hooked up to all the machines – honestly, it hit me harder than I expected. 

It’s been weeks of hospital visits, canceled plans, and emotional whiplash. But amidst the chaos, I’ve been reminded of a thing or two. Healing isn’t linear, ladies. And I’ve had to cut myself some slack, dialing down the perfectionism. 

Grab a cup of coffee and join me for the full update! 

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