The female health solution podcast

325. Setting Goals Without the Scale with Kelsea Hellyar & Rachael Arruda

Kelsea and Rachael are sisters and the owner and CBO of Constantly Varied Gear, a fitness apparel line that is dedicated to ensuring women feel empowered and confident in fitness and beyond.

They lead an army of 85,000 women who are passionate about health over aesthetics, solidarity over judgement, and the belief that courage is borrowed – and you can borrow some of ours.

Kelsea and Rachael are lifelong athletes and health enthusiasts who believe consistency, balance, and movement unlock the doors to a limitless life.  

Through their apparel, podcast, training program and support groups – they help women to realize what they’ve really known all along.  

They are worthy.

They are capable.

And they are enough.

Find Kelsea & Rachael:

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