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3 ways to boost your metabolism!

3 ways to boost your metabolism:

Fatigue, slow recovery time, digestive issues, no appetite, no results… these can all be signs that your metabolism is slowing down.

Recovering your metabolism can take time, but it is amazing how good you can feel in the short term after some lifestyle changes!

Here are three ways to turn your metabolism around:

1. Nutrition! Having the correct balance and amount of nutrients will make all the difference. You want to make sure you’re getting enough protein for your body, weight, your goals, your activity level, and your stress! These all factor into the unique nutrition that you need individually.

It’s also very important to eat whole foods – remember, you can’t out supplement a bad diet!

2. Supplements – This is a big focus of my coaching – we really focus on the nutrition first and then supplements. It’s important to utilize the right supplements for your hormones, stress levels and goals.

3. Movement – Moving your body increases muscle and decreases stress – two key factors in increasing your metabolism.

Keep in mind that some exercise can be too strenuous if your cortisol levels are off or you have other health/hormone issues. That is why it is important to follow a plan individual to your needs and goals.

The best way to do this is through DUTCH hormone testing. If you feel like you are doing “all the right things” and still are not seeing results, a DUTCH test is going to give us the answers!

Whatever shows up in your test, I will work with you to create a plan that resolves these imbalances and maximizes your metabolism for fat burning and muscle building.

If you are struggling to see results and feeling sluggish, 1:1 coaching is perfect for you. This includes hormone testing, gut testing, meal guides, exercise guidelines, in depth teaching & coaching, accountability, and more!

Learn more about DUTCH testing and the 1 to 1 program here:

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