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Why Whole30 is not sustainable

Whole30 is not sustainable!

This type of diet is a restrictive, elimination style diet! Sometimes we do need to cut some foods out for a period of time to recover our gut health, and detox.

However, many people want to use this form of dieting as a long term tool and then wonder why they gain all the weight back and MORE as soon as they stop eating this way.

That is also why Whole30 is meant to be a 30 day reset. So what exactly is unsustainable about restrictive diets?

– Rigid protocol (no wiggle room)

– No hormone variation

– No variations for stress/cortisol issues

These three aspects of nutrition are incredibly important especially for females.

That is why I created the 12 week program – for flexibility, hormone balance, and protecting your body from past, present and future stress.

The goal of this program is sustainable health and long term results. And this time, we are including the DUTCH hormone test with the program!

DUTCH testing is an incredible tool to pinpoint your individual hormone issues, so now it is bundled with the 12 week protocol!

If you have been wanting to find a plan for your individual health that is SUSTAINABLE, this is for you.

12 Week Program Waitlist:

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