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Why does your weight loss plateau?

Why does your weight loss plateau?

It can be so frustrating to make changes to your health and experience improvements only to have them STALL. Many women assume they are doing something wrong when they hit a plateau, but the truth is, it’s not your fault!

Most protocols or diets are static and expect you to keep things the same all month long. This is the main reason you can hit a plateau! Your nutrition and lifestyle needs to CHANGE throughout the month to accommodate for hormone fluctuations and to prevent plateaus.

So what’s behind the plateau? Your metabolism slows down or stops working effectively. There are a few factors that impact your metabolism as well:

– Increased stress

– Less rest

– Nutrient depletion

– Gut issues

– Hormone factors

This is why cutting calories is not the answer! There are so many things at play and we need to address them all.

So what is a long term, sustainable plan for women to reach their goals? The answer: eating for your cycle, exercising for your cycle and focusing on your individual health needs!

This is why I designed the 12 week program. My goal is to help women end the diet cycle and follow a plan that is made for them!!

If you are ready to break the plateau and get sustainable results, join the waitlist for the next round!

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