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Dr. Beth Westie

Where did my libido go?

Where did my libido go? oh, libido. Low libido is one of the more frustrating struggles for women and their partners.

Libido issues are most often a health or hormone imbalance, not a matter of just “trying harder”.

It’s also not something to be ashamed of! Your body just needs tools and time to heal and regulate from the inside out.

Here are four common reasons for libido issues:

– low testosterone

– high cortisol

– low androgens 

– estrogen dominance

It could be one of these things or a magic cocktail of hormone imbalance. What’s the best way to know?!

My favorite tool is DUTCH hormone testing. This at-home urine test is easy and can give us a road map for hormone levels and metabolism.

I offer DUTCH testing in my 12 week program along with coaching and individual protocols to target what is going on in YOUR body.

On a call with a current 12 week client just this week, we checked in on her libido progress. I heard a very enthusiastic “thank you!” from her partner in the background – this health journey has benefits for all!

If you are struggling with libido issues and hormone imbalance, I would love to work with you. Registration is opening next week for the next 12 week program and the only way to secure a spot is through the waitlist – join us! 

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