Dr. Beth Westie

Dr. Beth Westie

What to know about irregular periods

What to know about irregular periods…

When I talk about the female cycle, a cycle can be “regular” for you but not for someone else, especially compared to the textbook 28 day cycle.⁠

Keep in mind though, that just because an issue is common, does not mean it is normal or healthy. Things like lots of period pain or heavy PMS are a good example of this.⁠

An irregular cycle can be an early period, a late period, a heavy period, a light period, etc. There are so many things that influence this and your hormones.⁠

Some of these influences include:⁠

– Stress: high levels of stress or prolonged stress can impact your cycle, like decreasing your ovulation or changing your period.⁠

– Less sleep⁠

– Exercise⁠

– Nutrition changes⁠

– Meds/Supplement changes⁠

– Environment changes/people⁠

The good news: you can implement tools to regulate your hormones and your cycle naturally! The first step is to check in with your hormone levels – I love the DUTCH hormone test!⁠

If you are tired of letting your cycle run your life, DUTCH hormone testing is perfect for you. Once we have your levels, we will go over tools to turn things around (and none of them include cutting calories!)⁠

For more information, check out the DUTCH link below! 

DUTCH Test: https://drbethwestie.com/dutch-hormone-testing/

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