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Top 5 benefits of a quick reset

Top 5 benefits of a quick reset

There are so many benefits that come with doing a reset on your health and goals, even a short one! Let’s go through them.

1. Refocus – it is easy to get stuck in routine and let your body and goals become stagnant. Changing things up will allow you to break through this barrier!

2. Track Proteins – protein is the number one nutrient that women are missing! Doing a quick reset like the 14 day slim down can help you learn and reach your daily protein goals!

3. Creative Ideas – following a guide for your health, nutrition and workouts can give you new ideas and interesting ways to implement tools! It’s good to keep it fun and interesting.

4. Change = boost metabolism – Many times routines and eating the same things from day to day can cause you to get in a rut. Changing things up, even for 14 days can help get that metabolism moving again!

5. Boost gut health – Digestion plays a big role in seeing results. During the 14 day slim down, I will go through some tools to help you get that gut moving again!

You will be surprised at what your body can do in 14 days! I created this reset to help women get their bodies into a deeper fat burn using a few different key tactics specific to women, and I know I could use this right now.

This includes:

* meal guide

* fun workouts

* nutrition tips

* organization

* info on hormones, stress, gut, etc

* a private facebook group for accountability and community

And so much more!

If you are ready to get into a deeper fat burn and really take your results to the next level in 14 days, you’re going to want to join us! I’m going to go through this with a group of women starting next week. So we are looking and feeling our best for the Holiday weekend!


Just use code: SUMMER20 at checkout

Join here:

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