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The Weight – Adrenal Fatigue Connection

The weight – adrenal fatigue connection:

I have been told so many times that inability to lose weight or see results is not related to stress. This is related to the message that says the only reason you are not seeing results is because you aren’t cutting calories and increasing workouts.

Either one of these ideas is toxic to health, sustainable results!

Cortisol and adrenal function actually has a HUGE impact on weight in the female body. The female body is much more complex than calories in, calories out.

When our adrenals are off, the body goes into fat storage mode. This means you can gain fluid and inflammation which can increase the number on the scale as well.

Can’t you just workout more to burn off the fat? No! If you have imbalanced cortisol levels sometimes your body will tap into the muscle tissue instead of the fat tissue with increased exercise.

The adrenal fatigue-weight gain cycle looks like this:

– Weight gain

– Weight loss resistance 

– Insulin resistance

– Fatigue/decreased sleep quality

– Hair loss

– Appetite issues/binging

– Sluggish 

So how do we turn this around? The first thing we do is test your hormone levels which is included in the 12 week program.

It is so important to get individualized help, because your health history, physiology and goals are completely unique to you.

I will create a guide for you that is designed to work with your body, rebuild your system all without restricting your body of the nutrients it needs.

If you are ready to end this cycle, the 12 week is a great place to start – the waitlist is filling up!

To grab your spot on the waitlist, follow the link here:

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