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HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT More and more of your female clients are coming to you with concerns about their health and hormones?

You aren’t totally confident you are offering the most up to date information that is specific to them.

You know hormones play a crucial role in many symptoms your clients are experiencing like inability to lose weight, low energy, sleep issues, low libido, brain fog and more.

You want to be armed with the right information for women, that has been researched on women and proven to work for women.

This program is designed to better equip you to better serve your female clients.

Most Information around nutrition is based on resreach done on men

So its no wonder your female clients are struggling

An effective program for women must be designed specifically for them! Taking their hormone cycle into consideration!

This program will give you the tools you need to help women with:

It's time learn what your female clients need

Most information out there isn’t taking into consideration the role hormones play.

Why is this important? As women our bodies shift hormonally every week of the month. It’s as if we have an entirely new body each week. If we aren’t supporting that change with the right nutrition, no matter how clean we eat, or how much we workout, we are never going to get the results we want.

Most plans don’t take into consideration how stress affects the female body and prevents weight loss.

Did you know the female body is also highly sensitive to stress? This can impact how hormones are functioning and the symptoms our clients experience.

While a lot of hormone related symptoms are common, that does not mean they are normal. When we have the right information we can help our clients naturally balance hormones using whole food nutrition.

The Female Health & Nutrition Training Program will teach you the ins and outs of Women's Health, Hormones, DUTCH Testing and More

It’s designed to teach you more about hormones, nutrition, the female cycle, hormone testing and more.

So you have the information you need to help your female clients with the symptoms they are having related to hormones

We give you the information you need, and the resources to implement it with your clients right away

You will finally have the cutting edge information your female clients are looking for

All while having the tools you need to better serve, and improve the results your clients get

what you get

13 module training course

  • The Basics of Nutrition
  • Hormone Basics
  • Nutrition for Hormones
  • Nutrient Timing for Exercise
  • Specifics for Conditions
  • What to Look for in Products
  • Seed Cycling
  • Fat Burning Techniques for the Cycle
  • Fat Burning Techniques for Menopause
  • Fat Burning Fitness Techniques
  • DUTCH Testing
  • Clinical Approach to DUTCH Testing
  • Clinical Approach to GI Mapping

on-demand resources

It’s one thing to go through a course and learn, but it’s another to be able to apply the information you are learning.

In this program you will be provided worksheets, downloads, and quizzes to check your retention as you go along. So by the end of the course you are ready to better serve your female clients.

You and I will also work together directly. As you get your DUTCH offer up and running you will have the opportunity to schedule calls with me to go through your clients reports.



Tools to Implement

We will provide you with additional tools to help you implement what you are learning into your current business.

With specific worksheets, downloads, and additional resources you will be able use the information right away!

We will also walk you through getting set up with DUTCH testing and how to structure this offer.


“This training program is exactly what I was looking for! Dr. Beth has so many resources and I love the way she teaches, but I wanted it all in one place where I could learn how to use the information with my patients. This was it and then some! I can’t wait to get started. I know this is going to change a lot of my patients lives!”

– Dr. Laura

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Frequently asked questions

This program was designed with professionals in mind that are working directly with female patients or clients.

Yes! We have jam packed this course full of all of the information I have compiled over the last 15 years. I have worked with thousands of women using this exact information, and you can too. As long as you are willing to put in the time going through the information, you will be ready to use it with your clients.

Yes, we will work together directly for 4 months.

After you’ve gone through the course you will have the option to continue coaching with me on a monthly basis.

Having a basic understanding of general nutrition is a great place to start. However we have covered all of the basics and then some before we dive into the specifics. 

  • 13 Modules – Providing in depth information on nutrition, hormones, exercise, testing and more for females.
  • Downloads and resources to help you retain the information you are learning
  • Quizzes at the end of modules to help make sure you are understanding the information
  • Clinical application – a module dedicated to walking you through how to use hormone testing with your clients and how to apply it in the clinical setting
  • Training Program Journal
  • 4 Months of direct coaching with me

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