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Dr. Beth Westie

The Constipation-Hormone Connection


Your gut health plays a huge role in how your hormones function in your body! Digestion impacts so many other essential areas in female physiology.

When you look at these issues, many people look at them as separate issues. This is a huge disservice, because everything in your body is related! It is important to have this holistic view point to maximize healing and results.

So what does constipation do to your system & hormones?

Increased Stress – constipation creates more internal stress in the body. It causes your gut to slow down (motility) and decreases the good bacteria and increases the bad bacteria, which leads to MORE constipation.

If you experience any external stress, this will then aggravate this vicious cycle even more.

Decreased Hormone flushing – you need to excrete excess hormones like estrogen when you eliminate! If you are constipated, this will allow the hormone to sit in your body and not get cycled out fast enough to regulate these levels.

Decreased Nutrient absorption – if your whole gut is slowed down, it is not going to breakdown, absorb or process the nutrients you are taking in.

This means that you could be eating the PERFECT diet, and still not reaping the benefits!

Increased Inflammation – when you are constipated, you will be more bloated, you might retain more water, and you will experience more inflammation!

Keep in mind, there could be other issues at play when your digestion is not optimal!

If you are not eliminating regularly (at least daily), this is a PROBLEM.

This is exactly why I include DUTCH testing and gut testing with my individual coaching. Your body needs to be able to process nutrients, hormones and toxins EFFICIENTLY!

If you are struggling with digestive health, individual coaching is the best place for you. You will receive testing, coaching and a full individualized protocol to help you resolve and optimize your hormones and health.

I only have a few open spots, so join the waitlist here:

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