Dr. Beth Westie

Dr. Beth Westie

The best morning routine! ⁠

The best morning routine! ⁠

A solid morning routine can set you up for success and results throughout the entire day and week! It can get overwhelming to try to do ALL the things each morning, which is why I have picked a few of my favorite ways to help you upgrade your daily to-dos. ⁠

1. Detox: you want to get your system detoxing first thing in the day! Two simple ways to do this? Sweat and/or dry brushing! A simple workout or sauna can do the trick. ⁠

2. Gut: Get food in right away! Not just that cup of coffee. Apple Cider Vinegar & nutrients are my favorite things to add in! ⁠

3. Stress: It’s so easy to wake up with leftover stress or new stress for the day. I love meditation, journaling & adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha! ⁠

Focusing on these few things will make a BIG difference in a short amount of time! ⁠

If you are needing more direction and accountability on your health journey, I would love to work with you! I just opened a few 1:1 coaching spots – this includes coaching, meal plans, morning routines, individual supplement protocols, hormone testing, gut testing, fasting schedules and more. ⁠

Learn more about the 1 to 1 program here:

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