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Sustained Carb Restriction Leads to Fatigue and Fat Storage.

Sustained Carb Restriction Leads to Fatigue and Fat Storage:

Cutting carbs seems to be popular in the weight loss world. This can actually lead to fatigue and eventually weight GAIN. So let’s talk about what is actually happening when you restrict carbs.

First off, regardless of your carb amounts you need to get the right amount of protein. This will create a foundation for your body to be more resilient to other nutrient changes.

Carbs are important for your energy levels. Your brain runs off of carbs! Carbs are also stored in your muscle tissue and liver – both are really important for overall health, energy and fat loss!

If you have carbohydrates stored in your muscle tissue as glycogen, you will have better workouts and build muscle – which is also important for fat burning. Carbs are also helpful for your body when it comes to sleep, stress resilience and overall physical repair.

It is so easy for the female body to store fat that we need to support the muscle growth to counteract this. On top of this, cutting carbs is seen as a stressful event for the body and this increases fat storage in the long run.

You might not crash and burn in one day or week of restricting carbs, but eventually your body will react negatively to sustained restriction.

Balancing and cycling your carb amounts throughout the month is a big part of my 12 week program. You can enjoy carbs AND eat for your cycle at the same time!

If you are interested in seeing sustainable results without the restrictions, the 12 week program is the perfect place for you.

The waitlist is now open and starting to fill up.

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