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Overcome Years of Debilitating Pain and PMS

In case you didn’t know, I struggled with extreme PMS symptoms and PCOS. I was on the floor in my chiropractic clinic after a cyst burst and my husband had to literally pick me up and take me home.

It can be a long journey to work with hormone issues, but I’m here to tell you that it really can be done and there are thousands of women who are committing to doing the work and sharing their stories.

I wanted to share this case study with you, because I find that the journey of other women with similar symptoms can be the best encouragement and inspiration.

I’ve been working with this individual for a YEAR and it’s a big change from the 30 year old who was so desperate she was willing to remove her uterus entirely.

Imagine the toll this takes on daily life: she and her husband would receive an invitation for dinner and she would have to consult her period calendar before accepting to ensure she would be physically capable of attending. This kind of planning became a regular part of her life.

In addition to severe pain, she experienced heavy cycles, extreme mood swings, and difficulty leaving the house.

Does this sound like you too?

Find my best tips for getting started here

To address her issues, we started with a GI map, which revealed the presence of parasites and highlighted the need to improve her gut health. We also identified an excess estrogen issue; her body was not processing estrogen properly due to her gut dysfunction. We had her take a DUTCH test to target her specific needs.

This transformation is a testament to the power of addressing hormonal imbalances and gut health holistically. We did not use extreme measures or unconventional methods. Instead, we focused on precise testing and tailored interventions to help her body function better.

Listen to her story here

Dr. Beth

TL;DR: You can address pain and hormone issues naturally. Here is a free guide to help you on your hormone balancing journey!

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