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Let’s talk about dairy…⁠

Let’s talk about dairy…⁠

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about dairy and how it interacts with the body.⁠

Dairy tolerance is very individual! It is right for some women at some times and not right for others…ever!⁠

So, there are two factors that determine whether or not dairy is right for you: your overall gut health and if you have an inflammatory response.⁠

So what’s good about dairy?⁠

– High in protein⁠

– Easy to digest (typically)⁠

– Assists in muscle building⁠

What are the challenges with dairy?⁠

– Can be inflammatory: this can manifest as skin issues/acne, gut issues, bloating, diarrhea, joint issues, etc⁠

– Increases mucus production⁠

Whether or not to eat dairy, really depends on what your body needs. How’s your gut health? What forms of dairy are you eating?⁠

A good way to discover how your body reacts to dairy is to cut it out for at least a week and see if you notice any positive changes.⁠

If you add dairy back in and things get worse, then you know that it is having a negative impact.⁠

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to avoid dairy forever, but you will want to take steps to work on your gut before reintroducing it.⁠

If you are interested in learning more about how to individualize nutrition to YOUR body and goals, I would love to work with you. We start with DUTCH hormone testing and then create a personalized protocol for YOU.⁠

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