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Belly fat can be the hardest fat storage to target, especially under stress or in hormonal imbalance. The good news?

You can take steps to start burning that fat by focusing on the underlying cause!Here are some steps to take when targeting belly fat:

STRESS: during times of stress, your body will have a higher cortisol response which is a big reason for fat storage. Mediating stress is crucial for managing fat storage! Try some breathing techniques/restorative yoga to bring that stress DOWN.

SLEEP: We need good quality and quantity of sleep. Staring at blue light/screens before bed can really harm your sleep quality and hormones! Reduce your blue light before bed.

HORMONES: Hormones are at the root of our fat regulation/storage. One of my favorite techniques for hormone balance is seed cycling!

NUTRITION: Increase your protein to stabilize blood sugar, boost your metabolism and curb cravings! Carbs are important for the female body, but try cycling your carb amounts from day to day.

HYDRATION: The quality of your hydration is just as important as the quantity. Add some electrolytes to allow hydration INTO your cells!

These steps are just the TIP of the iceberg when it comes to burning that belly fat.

If you are ready to lose the weight and balance your hormones once and for all, the 12 week program is the best step for you.This protocol will take you through a complete and individualized plan for YOUR body!

Ready to burn the fat and crush those goals? Join the waitlist here (registration opens this week!!):

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