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Is Fatigue hurting your results?

Fatigue is hurting your results!

Does it feel like you are putting in the effort and seeing little to no results??

This is such a common and frustrating scenario for women. Your body may be sending you cues in the form of fatigue.

If you are tired often (or all the time!) or can’t recover from workouts, your body is telling you something!

Fatigue typically indicates an issue with your hormones: cortisol levels and adrenals.

IF you have had a stressful job, relationship stress, birthed/raised children, gone through trauma, etc your hormones are most likely out of whack.

Let’s look at a common fatigue pattern:

– Morning: Zombie hour – you might be awake but you don’t feel awake or energized in the morning.

– Afternoon: 3 pm Dip – this is when many people reach for the second, third or fourth cup of coffee!

– Evening: Run out of gas – when you reach the end of your day, you feel completely run down and done.

– Late night boost (sometimes) – women will often get a second wind late at night (when you need to get good quality sleep!) and the cycle starts over again.

When you experience this type of fatigue, your body needs a couple different things.

Proper fuel (nutrition), hydration, proper movement & rest, and typically some supplements.

These are just a few of the things that I include in my one to one coaching. Overcoming fatigue is not a matter of willpower or force – you need small, consistent changes in each area of your life!

If this sounds like you, I would love to invite you to work with me individually. I have just opened a few one to one coaching spots, so grab yours today!

Learn more about the 1 to 1 program here:

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