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How To Leverage Your Hormones to Burn Fat

You’ve got belly fat that won’t budge? Leverage your hormones!

Hormone levels play a direct and indirect role in how the body utilizes and stores fat. Estrogen, dominant in the first half of your cycle, plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism. Higher levels of estrogen are associated with increased carb burning, which is why I often incorporate carb cycling in this phase of my cycle

Progesterone, on the other hand, exhibits distinct fat burning qualities. Research indicates that progesterone may enhance lipid metabolism, promoting the breakdown of fat for energy. Optimal levels of testosterone contribute to muscle growth and development, aiding in fat burning and metabolic efficiency.

The stress hormone cortisol can significantly impact eating habits and weight management. Elevated cortisol levels, often triggered by stress, can lead to increased appetite and cravings.

Knowing and understanding your hormone levels can help you leverage your cycle for results! Not only will you see a physical transformation, but we can get to the root of your fatigue, low muscle tone, PMS, menopausal symptoms, mood swings, low belly fat and more.

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