Dr. Beth Westie

Dr. Beth Westie

How to FUEL your workouts:

How to FUEL your workouts:

So many women make the mistake of restricting or ignoring nutrition for their workouts! This will actually have negative effects on your performance and goals.

Hydration and fuel will help your body build lean muscle, increase your metabolism and recover more efficiently. Most importantly, it will help you FEEL good when you workout.

So how do you do this?

1. Pace your protein throughout the day

2. Hydrate (with minerals!) throughout the day

3. 30-60 minutes before a workout: eat a small balanced snack. Something like Peanut Butter on toast or 1/2 a protein bar!

4. During your workout: drink BCAA (branch chain amino acids) + electrolytes. You need at least 6 grams of BCAA!

5. 20 min after your workout: consume 20+ grams of protein

I have a client who dropped about 6% body fat and increased lean muscle over the course of 2 months by following these tactics!!

If you are struggling to see results and feeling fatigued after your workouts, 1:1 coaching is perfect for you. This includes hormone testing, gut testing, meal guides, exercise guidelines, in depth teaching & coaching, accountability, and more!

Learn more about DUTCH testing and the 1 to 1 program here:

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