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How to decrease stress RIGHT NOW

How to decrease stress RIGHT NOW:

There are so many long term tools to implement for stress reduction, but today I want to talk about things you can do immediately.

Let’s go through them…

1. 3 Deep Breaths – this is deep breathing from your stomach, not your chest. Put one hand on your chest and one on your stomach, and breathe in slowly and make sure you feel your stomach moving in and out. 

2. Drink minerals with your water – it is important to get these electrolytes to upload hydration into your cells. I like the Nuun brand!

3. Epsom salt bath – you can add some essential oils like lavender to your bath to increase relaxation.

4. CBD – you can take it as an oil, cream, gummies, etc.

5. Dry brush/massage – Dry brushing is a really helpful way to detox your lymphatic flow. There are also self massage guns/tools that you can implement to destress your body externally. I also like gua sha tools and jade rollers for facial massage.

6. Laugh – laughter is so helpful to release stress! Find yourself some funny cat videos on Youtube and start giggling! 

This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to working with your body to combat stress.

If you are struggling and need a transformation, I would love to work with you. I will coach you through nutrition changes, eating for your cycle, seed cycling, hormone testing, improving sleep, supplements, and more. All of this is included in my 12 week program, and the waitlist is open for the next round.

Because these programs are so individualized, I can only take a limited number of women in each group. The only way to secure your spot is through the waitlist, so join here:

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