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How to balance estrogen

How to balance estrogen

When we look at the hormonal cycle, day 1 is marked by your period and day 14 is about when you ovulate.⁠

Days 1-14 are the estrogen phase, when estrogen is higher. Days 15-28 are the progesterone phase, when progesterone is higher.⁠

There are a number of things that can cause estrogen to be lower. Environmental toxins, medications, certain foods, stress, etc. can all decrease estrogen.⁠

So why is estrogen important?⁠

Estrogen affects your…⁠

– metabolism

– digestion

⁠- building muscle⁠

To boost estrogen naturally, you can start with…⁠

– Eat For Your Cycle, cooling foods: There are foods that enhance the cooling function of estrogen, like poultry, fish and specific veggies/fruits and herbs.⁠

– Cut toxins

– Boost gut health

– Reduce stress

– Herbs/Tinctures

– seed cycling: (pumpkin and flax for estrogen phase)I have a ton of info and videos on the specifics of seed cycle, so check those out!⁠

If you are noticing that you struggle with hormonal issues, I am releasing some herbal supplements!! These are designed to help balance hormones throughout the cycle. I can’t wait to share them with you! Be the first to know when they are released through the link below.

Waitlist for Tinctures:

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