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Fad diets hurt your hormones!

Fad diets hurt your hormones!

Let’s talk about what can be considered a fad diet first. Fad diets are typically a way of eating that becomes popular and promote quick weight loss, sometimes through ridiculous methods or steps.

Think about every diet you have ever tried… most of them are probably fad diets, that left you in worse shape than when you started! Even intermittent fasting, when done in the wrong way, can be considered a fad.

What happens to your body during the fad diet cycle?

1. Restriction – most fad diets require restricting nutrient groups or nutrient timing or nutrient amounts.
2. Nutrient depletion
3. Increased Cortisol (stress hormone)
4. Decreased natural detoxification

Along with stored fat, fad diets can mess up your hormone levels and metabolism!

If you keep repeating the fad diet cycle, it will set your weight higher and higher and tank your system overall.

So how do we turn this around? The first thing we do is test your hormone levels. We will also test your gut health and see what areas need improvement there.

It is so important to get individualized help, because your health history, physiology and goals are completely unique to you.

I will create a guide for you that is designed to work with your body, rebuild your system all without restricting your body of the nutrients it needs.

If you are ready to end the diet cycle, individual coaching is a great place to start – I have a few open spots available!

For more info, follow the link:

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