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Eat For Your Cycle™ while pregnant!⁠

Eat For Your Cycle™ while pregnant!⁠

Now this might sound odd since you don’t really have a cycle during pregnancy, right? You can actually still honor the hormone shifts during pregnancy and support your body nutritionally during this stage.⁠

The hormone that rises and stays higher in the body during pregnancy is progesterone. There are some important ways that you can support this shift with your nutrition!⁠

1. Protein pacing⁠

2. Increase minerals⁠

3. Micronutrients/Greens⁠

4. Full fat⁠

5. Warming foods⁠

If you are curious about how to implement these tactics into your day, one to one coaching is the best place to start. This program is tailored to you, regardless of what stage of life you are in! ⁠

You will get a complete meal guide, DUTCH hormone testing, gut testing, eating for your cycle plan, individualized fasting, supplement protocols, coaching with me and more.⁠

Check out the 1:1 coaching link below for more info! 

Learn more about the 1 to 1 program here:

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