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Don’t make these menopause mistakes!

Don’t make these menopause mistakes!

When going through menopause, it is very common for women to gain weight without changing a single thing. This fat often is stored around the midsection. This weight gain is also typically around 7-10 pounds, just because of the hormone changes and stress that the body is under.

On top of that, if you are going through menopause and have any additional health issues or stressors in your life, the weight gain can increase even more! Because you are living in a different body, it also means you need to do things differently to take the weight off again.

Here are some of the mistakes that women often make when it comes to menopause weight:

– Eat the same nutrients as you did prior to menopause

– Cut calories & nutrients in an attempt to lose the weight

– Ignore stress

Your body actually needs MORE things like protein during menopause. It might be tempting to cut things out and restrict, but this will actually make it harder to lose weight.

There are other specific ways to shift your nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, etc. and I have created all of this in my 1:1 coaching program!

This is individualized to you, whether you are in peri-menopause or menopause! If you are ready to work with your system and recover your health, join the waitlist here:

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