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639. I Stopped Drinking (Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far)

I’m taking a break from drinking. 

I’ve never been a heavy drinker, (not looking at you, college years). However, I’ve decided to stop drinking recently, for many reasons —health, genetics, personal growth, and overall wellness. 

My family history with alcohol issues has always made me cautious. Although I didn’t drink much in high school and moderately in college, my relationship with alcohol has evolved. My husband, who hasn’t had a drink in eight years, also influenced my decision. (Check out our relationship story for more context)

I realized I was using that occasional glass of wine to unwind and relieve stress. I have started exploring other methods for relaxation and stress management, such as Epsom salt baths, adaptogens like ashwagandha, and deep breathing exercises. I honestly feel a stronger connection to my body than I did before! 

Here’s what I’ve noticed: My sleep quality has improved, my energy levels are higher, and I feel more in tune with my emotions. I don’t feel the need to quit alcohol forever, but I’m being intentional about when I need a break. I would rather drink to celebrate than to cope.

I highly recommend taking a break from alcohol. You can find clarity, energy, new relationships and break free from harmful habits. 

I’d love to know – have you tried taking a break from drinking? If so, what’s your experience? 

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