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637. How To Level Up Your Health, Wealth and Romance with Dr. Jade Teta

We all want to level up. I’m talking about every aspect of life – health and fitness, finance, relationships… all of it. 

This starts with our identity and beliefs. 

In this conversation with holistic health and fitness expert, Dr. Jade Teta, he shared the power behind rewiring our thoughts to unlock the next level of transformation. 

Dr. Jade started writing fitness programs at 15 for his high school football team –  the groundwork for his lifelong dedication to personal training. He continued this passion through college and medical school, eventually choosing naturopathic medicine over a traditional medical path. 

Dr. Jade’s gyms and clinical experience gave him close interaction with his clients, allowing him to see and influence their habits and mindset.

For instance, there is power in the stories we tell ourselves about health and fitness. Many people, especially women, have subconscious beliefs from childhood and society that hinder their progress. Challenging these narratives, like the idea that weight training is only for  men, is the key.

Society has bent our view of diet and exercise – we need more balance—what Dr. Jade calls the “Goldilocks zone.” Over-exercising and under-eating can be just as harmful as inactivity.

You must become a “metabolic detective” – pay attention to your hunger, energy, and cravings (HEC). 

True transformation, according to Dr. Jade, comes from reshaping our identity and beliefs. Many people have unconscious decisions (MUD) from their past that affect their present. Rewriting these beliefs is the key to change with health and fitness.

Dr. Jade’s new book You Grow Me, addresses leveling up in your relationships – love, sex and romance. Dr. Jade also has upcoming experiential events that will guide participants through spotting and releasing old stories, memorizing new feelings, and embodying the changes they wish to see. This event offers a deep dive into personal development and transformation.

About: Dr. Jade Teta, a Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Educator, and Entrepreneur, brings a unique perspective to health and personal development, combining over 30 years of experience in personal training with 20 years in functional medicine. Specializing in mindset, muscle, and metabolism, he focuses on tailored approaches to health, fitness, and weight loss. Dr. Jade has authored eight books in personal development and health and contributed to key texts like the “Textbooks of Natural Medicine” and “Integrative Sexual Health.” Currently, he is deepening his expertise through a PhD in transpersonal psychology and a certificate in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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