The female health solution podcast

58. Postpartum Psychosis & Breast Implant Illness with Heather Messenger

Heather is a Mom, Wife, and a Health Coach

She was Ms. Bikini Universe Pro after a 55 lb weight loss.

She is a Postpartum Psychosis survivor & awareness advocate. And a Breast Implant Illness and Self Love Advocate.

In this episode Heather shares her story of postpartum psychosis and what that looked like for her. She goes into detail on some of the things she experienced, and some of the choices she made during that time.

One of which lead to getting breast implants. 

Most recently she suffered from breast implant illness and decided to go ahead with explant surgery.

She shares some of the symptoms she was experiencing, and what her life is like now!

You can follow Heather on social media:

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