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54. Protein Pacing & The PRISE Protocol with Dr. Paul Arciero

Dr. Paul Arciero is a Nutrition and Applied Physiology Scientist; Nutrition and Fitness Expert and Keynote Speaker. He is the creator of Protein Pacing and the PRISE Protocol.

In this episode we dive into what protein pacing is, how you can implement it into your life, and what benefits you will see from it.

Dr. Paul has done immense amounts of research on protein pacing, and shares some of the science behind it.

He also shares with us the PRISE Protocol, what it is, and why you need to be following it.

His new book “The Protein Pacing Diet; By the Scientist and Nutrition Expert who Created The PRISE Protocol” is available now for pre-order.

You can find Dr. Paul at:

Facebook: Paul Arciero

Instagram: @drpaularciero

Twitter: @paularciero


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